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Container Ship

Connecting Africa To The World And The World to Africa

Providing Import and Export Services in a High Demanding Global Market

"We link you to the Rest of the World"

Aerial View of Containers


Laxfor Inter Trade Co. has been an International trading company for over two decades, importing and exporting of goods to and from Africa. We pride ourselves in the products we provide to our clients, and ultimately ensure their demands are met. With two locations worldwide, both Africa and the U.S., we aim to continue our growth in our network of providers to make certain our clients receive the best quality products promptly, and at the best rate.

We are the global trading company that sources a wide variety of commodities to and from Africa.  We continue to fulfill the needs of our clients by providing them with the products they desire, in a timely manner, with no hassle or delay.

Rely on us to deliver the goods you need. We have a trusted network team globally that ensures you receive the best products at the best rate. We import and export all types of goods, ranging from textiles, fruits/vegetables, meat/poultry/seafood, longer shelf life food items, coffee/tea, spices, building materials, construction/ industrial equipments, hospital gear and equipments, hand crafted furniture, carpets, etc. 

We ensure we are in constant communication with our clients in regards to their shipping needs. There is easy communication via in person or by email at all times. We make certain that your goods are delivered in the time frame you request. Always count on us to get the job done.

A Crane Lifting a Container


Our trusted and long term clients have praised our work for years, and have continued to do business with us, because we all always deliver and never disappoint.

“Laxfor has always been a great company to do business with. Their exceptional customer service and prompt response to all my needs, has made my job a lot easier. Keep up the good work.”

Anthony L. O'Dell

“I have been doing business with Laxfor for over 10 years. I'm always impressed with their professionalism and accuracy.”

John Kagu

“If you are looking for an import and export company, then Laxfor will be the ones you need to work with. They always provide very good quality products, and make the delivery easy.”

Sammie GebreMichael

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